Exhibitor Rules & Regulations

To become an exhibitor, you must agree to the following rules and regulations:



The Mississippi Manufacturers Association Annual Convention will be held May 29-31, 2019, at the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort in Point Clear, Alabama.

We expect approximately 300 attendees.

Exhibit space will be available for companies who desire to display their products or services. Prior to the convention, you will receive a packet from our display services vendor. You will receive information on ordering any additional services. They also will give you details on shipping material. Please DO NOT send materials to the attention of any MMA staff member. 

Size of the exhibit booth: 8 feet x 8 feet. Cost: $975 ($1,325 nonmembers). This cost covers your booth space, including a display table, garbage can, and one chair. It also includes one convention registration (one person). Additional employees from a vendor company must pay the registration fee. 

Please email a high-resolution JPEG, JPG, PNG, TIFF or EPS file of your company’s logo to Anna Thorn at anna@mma-web.org no later than Wednesday, May 15, 2019 to be listed in the program, on signage, and the MMA mobile app. After May 15th, exhibitors will only be listed on the MMA mobile app.

We will have a drawing for $300 cash for all those who visit our exhibitors’ booths. If you’d like to contribute to the cash vendor prize, a $25 donation would be appreciated. Additional door prizes are always appreciated. Please contact Melissa Saxton at the address below. 

Mississippi Manufacturers Association
P.O. Box 22607
Jackson, MS 39225-2607
Phone: (601) 292-1120
Fax: (601) 948-1475
Email: melissa@mma-web.org



Installation of exhibits may begin at 1:00 p.m. Wednesday, May 29, 2019, and MUST be completed by 5:00 p.m. Exhibits may be broken down after 10:30 a.m. adjournment, Friday, May 31, 2019.

The application for space and the formal notice of acceptance constitute a contract for the right to use the space assigned. In the event of fire, strikes, or other uncontrollable circumstances, this contract will not be binding. In the event that, for any reason, the Convention is not held as proposed, the exhibitor shall receive a refund of any amounts paid on exhibit space, less reasonable deductions for overhead expenses incurred. The Mississippi Manufacturers Association, hereafter known as MMA, reserves the right to cancel any contract with any exhibitor at any time prior to or during the conference, and refund any amounts paid less the amount the space was occupied by such exhibitor.

All demonstrations, interviews, or other activities must be confined to the limits of the exhibit booth. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet, or share the whole or any part of the space allotted without the approval thereof. Aisles must be kept clear. No noise making devices or public address systems shall be allowed without prior written approval by the Exhibit Coordinator, (Shannon Hillman).

Exhibitors shall care for and keep in good order space occupied by them and surrender such space at the close of the conference in the same condition as it was in when taken over. If the space occupied shall be damaged by the exhibitor or his patrons, he shall pay such claims as are necessary to restore the space to its original condition.

Exhibitors shall furnish their own public liability insurance. Exhibitors wishing to insure their goods must do so at their own expense.

Security will be provided by MMA during times the exhibit hall is closed.

MMA will not be liable for any loss or damage to the property of exhibitor, or its employees, due to fire, robbery, accidents, or any cause whatsoever that may arise from use and occupancy of leased space or building. The exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless MMA and its employees against any and all claims of any person whomsoever arising out of acts of omission of exhibitors, its employees and/or guests.

The Exhibit Coordinator, (Shannon Hillman), reserves the right to restrict exhibits, which, because of noise, method of operation, or for any other reason become objectionable. This reservation includes persons, things, conduct, printed matter, or anything of a character which may be objectionable to the exhibit as a whole. In the event of such restriction or eviction, neither the Exhibitor Coordinator, (Shannon Hillman) nor MMA are liable for any refunds or rentals or other exhibition expenses.

The exhibitor agrees to obey all rules of the Grand Hotel Marriott Resort, which may be in existence or which hereafter may be made, and to abide by the rules and regulations of the City of Point Clear, Alabama, Department of Fire and Health and such other departments whose duties embrace regulations of exhibits, etc.

*The Exhibit Coordinator, (Shannon Hillman), reserves the right for final placement of booths.
*Circulars or advertising matter of any description may be distributed only within the booth assigned to the exhibitor presenting such material, and not placed in the Conference seats or tables.
*The decision of the Exhibit Coordinator, (Shannon Hillman), must be accepted as final in any dispute between exhibitors or any situation not covered by these rules and regulations.


Contact Barbara Hopkins at barbara@mma-web.org or (601) 292-1125.