Free MMA Seminar Programs:

Insurance Services pays the registration fee for you and/or your employees to attend MMA seminars throughout the year on topics such as “Forklift Training,” “Written OSHA Programs,” “How to Conduct a Safety Inspection” and myriad other topics focused on helping you maintain a safe workplace. To see MMA’s seminar schedule, click here.

Drug Free Workplace Notices:

We furnish you with 13 1/2" x 10" adhesive-backed notices that your business is a Drug Free workplace. Available in English and Spanish. 

Safety Posters:

To help you keep safety “top of mind” we have a series of five very creative safety posters for use in your facility to promote a safe work environment. 

Safety Video Library:

MMA Insurance Services maintains a library of more than 100 safety videos/DVDs (some in Spanish) for your use in your safety programs.

To see a list of the topics or to check out a video/DVD, click here

Time Clock Notices:

At your request, we furnish you with adhesive stickers (8 1/2" x 5 1/2") to post at your time clock that state: “By CLOCKING OUT I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN INJURED ON THE JOB TODAY. IF I HAVE BEEN INJURED I HAVE NOTIFIED MY SUPERVISOR IN WRITING.” Available in English and Spanish.

Workers' Compensation Fraud is a Crime Notices:

Would you like to help educate employees that workers’ comp fraud is a crime? If so, you might be interested in these free notices. They measure 11" x 8 ½" and specify that workers’ comp fraud is a felony with punishment not to exceed a $5,000 fine, or double the value of the fraud (whichever is greater) or by imprisonment not to exceed three years, or both fine and imprisonment.

Convenient Payment Plans:

Berkley S.I.G. offers nine different payment plans in order to accommodate your needs. To view the payment plans, click here.

MMA Information & Networking:

MMA regularly publishes The Reporter, an electronic newsletter keeping you in the know and up to date on the latest manufacturing-related news. You also receive E-News, MMA’s award winning electronic environmental newsletter, just for the asking.

We also have numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to network with other business and government leaders.

  • MMA hosts an annual reception for the Legislature & statewide officials, usually at the beginning of each legislative session.
  • MMA also holds an annual convention, affording you an opportunity to interact with your peers and exchange information and ideas.
  • MMA holds the “Second Largest Political Event in Neshoba County” with its annual MMA PAC golf tournament at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club each fall. 
  • Each October, MMA conducts an Environmental & Safety Conference, usually held in conjunction with the PAC golf tournament.

Drug Free Workplace Notice

Safety Poster

Safety Poster

Time Clock Notice

WC Fraud is a Crime Notice


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