Principal Financial Group

MMA is partners with Principal Financial Group to offer its members long-term and short-term disability and life insurance benefits.

  •  Accident rider included at no additional cost.
  •  LTD Conversion included at no additional cost.
  • 3 year rate guarantee for LTD and 2 year rate guarantee for STD at no additional cost when packaged with 3 or more products.
  •  “Or Definition” – Principal’s definition of disability allows the claimant to qualify for either the duties rest of the earnings test during the elimination period and own occupation period. Most carriers require both the disability test to qualify.
  • Earnings Test – The treatment of income that is earned but not yet received. In many S-Corps and partnerships, there are monthly draws or advances as well as quarterly distributions for the partners. The majority of carriers offset for these incomes if they are paid during the benefit payment period. It can also create issues in satisfying the “earnings test” for being considered disabled. Principal does NOT offset for these distributions or consider them income during total disability situations.
  • Principal DOES NOT offset with owner income during total disability. We consider this revenue stream to be investment income, and therefore, something we do not offset against.
  • Maternity payments are “fronted” – Once a female qualifies for maternity benefits, the weekly payments for the duration are sent all in one lump sum to the claimant.
  • A single claim form can prompt a review for STD, LTD, Individual Disability Income Insurance, and Life Waiver of Premium claims.

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