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Last update September 30, 2020


MMA Releases Statement on the 'In God We Trust' Flag

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) released a statement in support of the 'In God We Trust' flag. The flag needs a majority of votes on November 3rd to become the new state flag of Mississippi.
Here is MMA's statement:
"The Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) commends the state legislature for retiring the old state flag and laying the groundwork to find a new banner behind which all Mississippians can unite. With complete transparency and input from the public, the Commission to Redesign the Mississippi State Flag considered thousands of submissions before selecting the “In God We Trust Flag”. Filled with colors and symbols that tell the story of Mississippi, the new design encapsulates the true spirit of our state. Therefore, MMA supports and strongly urges voters to say YES to the “In God We Trust" Flag on November 3. It is time that we move forward together."

Manufacturing Week in Mississippi

Manufacturing Week in Mississippi was September 28 - October 2, and it highlighted the work being done to promote a strong manufacturing climate in the Magnolia State.
"Manufacturing is the engine that powers Mississippi's economy," said Governor Tate Reeves in his signed proclamation. "The economic future of Mississippi depends on a strong, growing, and competitive modern manufacturing industry."
Manufacturing is responsible for 16.18 percent of Mississippi's gross state product and employs 12.57 percent of the state's workforce. It is home to 37 Fortune 500 companies and 173 international companies. Combined, they host nearly 300 plants inside Mississippi's borders.

Listed below is a list of topics covered in our Manufacturing Week video series. You can subscribe to our YouTube page by clicking here.

September 28 - MMA President & CEO John McKay discusses the importance of Manufacturing Week in Mississippi and also what can be done to help promote and improve the manufacturing sector in the state.
September 29 - Governor Tate Reeves discusses the importance of manufacturing to the state's economy and why it's imperative we train a workforce that can help it grow.
September 30 - The Career & Technical Program at Hinds Community College is helping train highly-skilled workers for manufacturing positions in Mississippi. They also share how they've worked to change the perception of working in manufacturing.
October 1 - Skills Foundation Executive Vice President Garrett McInnis and MDA Interim Director John Rounsaville discuss the roles their organizations play in making Mississippi an ideal place for manufacturers.
October 2 - In conjunction with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Halter Marine began an apprenticeship program in March. They have 50 students and they are learning five major crafts: welding, ship fitting, pipe fitting, pipe welding, and electrical.

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Manufacturing Matters in Mississippi

Manufacturing has always been an important part of our nation's economy. Similarly, in Mississippi, manufacturing continues to be a significant source of jobs for our citizens and one of the largest contributors to our state's economic profile. For example, for every direct job in manufacturing, another two jobs are created in the economy to support that job. The manufacturing industry is the backbone of Mississippi's economy. Manufacturing jobs pay higher wages and provide better benefits on average to employees and their families. Please take a moment to review the infographic images below that showcase how significant manufacturing is to Mississippi.

This report was prepared by the National Strategic Planning and Analysis Research Center (NSPARC), a unit of Mississippi State University. 

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