MMA Member Benefit Services Programs

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association desires to offer its members unique group buying opportunities that are available only through its Member Benefit Services Program. The MMA board of directors has determined specific criteria for consideration of potential partners in this program.

The Member Benefit Services Program Committee, appointed by the MMA Chairman of the Board, will review the proposal for submission to the MMA board of directors. Evaluation and selection will be based on the written information as requested and outlined here. Please include a letter of transmittal signed by an authorized representative of the firm, as well as a copy of your most recent financial statements.

Mississippi Manufacturers Association


The mission of the Mississippi Manufacturers Association Member Benefits Services Program (MBSP) is to identify and offer products or services to members that provide preferred pricing or benefits from suppliers/partners that are not otherwise available. The MBSP and participating suppliers/partners must support and be relevant to the mission of MMA.

The Member Benefit Services program will offer Products and Services, which:

  • Provide group buying opportunities that are unique to the association program; are clearly differentiated from other similar products or services available in the marketplace; or for which there is no other viable provider. Programs may be differentiated by cost, level of service, access, unique benefit design or other criteria.
  • Provide measurable value to members.
  • Improve access to products that are not easily accessible.
  • Are politically benign or do not conflict with the MMA political agenda.
  • Enhance the image of MMA.
  • Are relevant to the mission of MMA and its members.
  • Meet the needs of a significant number of MMA members or prospective members.
  • Are offered by service providers who are committed to the association market.
  • Are non-threatening to other MMA members.
  • Are based on some core competency of staff or easily accessible to staff through a supplier relationship.
  • Do not pose a significant risk to MMA or the Member Benefit Services.
  • Require minimal maintenance (in terms of additional staff and systems).

(September 7, 2004, revision)

Request For Proposal

Company Name
Company Address
Address 1
Address 2
Names of officers, owners or partners?
Number of years in business?
Incorporated in the state of?
Dun and Bradstreet
Average annual sales preceding 3 years?
Product or service to be offered to membership?
Marketing method to be used?
Companies with whom you have done business? (list at least three)
Contact Person
Current Partner Agreements
How long in place?
Competition for this product or service?
How is member pricing or benefit determined?
Describe method for paying royalties to MMA
Type of report to MMA regarding participation
Would MMA receive the same compensation for a member who is one of your current customers as a member who is a new customer for you?
How would the product or service be delivered?
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