Local professionals serving appointments on MS Manufacturers Association Board

HAMILTON – Jason Minga and Brent Thompson represent companies that are two miles apart, Tronox and Thompson’s Welding. Even with a longstanding relationship between the two manufacturers, the two men had never met one another until Thompson was recently appointed to the Mississippi Manufacturers Association (MMA) Board of Directors.

They serve together on the board as District 3 representatives, which is an asset for Monroe County manufacturers and others across the state.

“If I could stand in front of all the manufacturing businesses in Monroe County, I would strongly ask them to reach out to me. Know that you have two people on the board, and we are meant to represent this area,” Thompson said. “Reach out if you have questions and concerns about the MMA and how it can be an asset.”

MMA offers benefits such as updated information about changes in state and national legislation directly impacting manufacturers, opportunities for programs offering assistance amid the COVID-19 pandemic and promotion of the business sector’s interests.

Minga has served on the board for more than three years.

“MMA is a great avenue, especially when things considered through legislation deal with manufacturing or businesses such as ours,” said Minga, who also serves on the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway Development Authority Board of Directors. “I’m happy to be on the boards for opportunities that benefit Tronox and the waterway.”

The makeup of the MMA Board of Directors includes a diversity of representatives from small and large manufacturing companies and larger organizations such as utilities as well. Thompson is not only one of the new members but one of the board’s younger members.

“My goals as a board member are two-fold. Primarily, my goal is to try to be a voice for small manufacturers and manufacturers in a more specialized area,” he said. “I want to make sure manufacturers in Monroe County have their voices heard at the association level at large. There’s a significant manufacturing footprint in this county, and my desire to be on the board was tied to the rest of the board and the entire association knowing about the businesses in Monroe County and their needs being heard.”

The second end of his goal is relationship building to network and understand other types of businesses across the state and problems they face.

Minga said workforce development is an ongoing conversation through several sectors such as industry, education and politics. His seat on the MMA board is a good way to network on that subject and several others.

“MMA is fighting for businesses and manufacturing in Mississippi,” Minga said.