Mississippi Manufacturers Register®
and EZ Select Online Databases

Looking to identify and contact Mississippi manufacturers and their decision makers? The Mississippi Manufacturers Register® and industrial database profile 2,737 businesses and 9,603 executives by name & title. Each Mississippi company profile contains up to thirty detailed facts. The Mississippi Manufacturers Register® is published each March. The Mississippi industrial database is available as an EZ Select online subscription with live 24x7 access from any PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. 

Mississippi Manufacturers Register® Print Directory

Information and resources you need — at your fingertips!

Print directories are handy source books for the office, on the road or at home. They are durable volumes with large type for legibility. Print directories list information in six different sections:

Section 1: Buyers Guide 
Section 2: Alphabetical by Company Name 
Section 3: Geographical by City 
Section 4: Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code 
Section 5: Parent Company Alphabetical Listing 
Section 6: County Marketing Breakdown Section 

Print directories make finding information easy by providing:

  • Detailed profiles providing mailing and physical address, phone, fax, and toll-free numbers, email and web addresses, annual sales, plant square footage, number of employees, distribution area, parent company information, ISO certifications and much more. 
  • Executive contact names and titles lead you to the right decision maker. 
  • New Entry flags that lead you to companies listed for the first time. 
  • Annual editions that add new companies, and delete those no longer operating in the state, so that you know you have comprehensive, up-to-date information.

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EZ Select Online Databases

EZ Select is EZ-to-Use point-and-click search and retrieval software for users who want powerful results without having to spend a long time learning how to use software.

  • Search up to 13 basic data fields, such as company or contact name, SIC code, contact title or function, size, geographic location, annual sales figures and more. 
  • Export up to 52 fields of information, including physical and mailing addresses, phone, fax, SIC codes, annual sales, Web and email, into contact management, spreadsheet, word processing, mail merge and database applications. 
  • View all data on screen. 
  • Print labels and reports. 
  • Call contacts on the phone or visit their websites with a single click for connected computers. 
  • EZ Select is perfect for direct marketers, market researchers, product managers, sales managers, libraries and employment agencies. View a sample page from EZ Select Online here.

EZ Select is available in three different levels of depth and pricing to fit your needs and budget: ​​

  1. EZ Select Basic Version: All Employees – allows you to search and sort as with the standard version, but can only view/print one company profile at a time. Export, report and label options are not included with the basic version.
  2. EZ Select Standard Version: All Employees – unlocks full potential and gives you access to all the features listed above. It includes all of the manufacturers for the state or region. 
  3. EZ Select Standard Version: 20+ Employees – gives you the same features as the standard version, but limits the number of companies included by excluding the smaller companies (those with less than 20 employees).

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Subscribe to EZ Select Online

As an EZ Select® subscriber, you can:

  • Identify your best prospects by company location, industry, and size.
  • Get instant counts, build and save lists of companies and contacts.
  • Export profiles to your CRM or for mailing/telemarketing campaigns.
  • Locate key executives by name or title and sync with your address book
  • Follow companies and receive real-time alerts of updates and news stories.
  • Collaborate with colleagues, share notes and information, and generate reports.
  • See how companies relate to one another through a graphical family tree view.
  • Access your subscriptions in any browser on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone.

Pricing & Ordering

Mississippi Manufacturers Register Print Directory
Companies: 2,737    Executives: 9,603    Price: $115 (plus shipping & handling)

To purchase the print directory, click here.

EZ Select Basic Version: All Employees
Companies: 3,055    Executives: 7,425   Price: $136

EZ Select Standard Version: All Employees
Companies: 3,055    Executives: 7,425    Price: $387

EZ Select Standard Version: 20+ Employees
Companies: 1,164    Executives: 3,780    Price: $256
To become an EZ subscriber click here.

For more information about the Mississippi Manufacturers Register® or EZ Select,
contact Barbara Hopkins at (601) 292-1125 or barbara@mma-web.org.