NAM President Jay Timmons Joined President Trump at Signing of Executive Order Rolling Back CPP

March 30th, 2017

NAM President Jay Timmons Joined President Trump at Signing of Executive Order Rolling Back CPP

Manufacturing Economy Daily
March 29, 2017

President Trump signed an executive order on Tuesday in a move that media reporting says fulfills a campaign promise to roll back major regulations impeding manufacturers’ ability to succeed. Reuters (3/28, Volcovici, Gardner) reports the “order’s main target” is the Clean Power Plan, which requires states to “slash carbon emissions from power plants.” The action, Reuters adds, also reverses a ban on coal leasing on federal lands; ends rules aimed at curbing methane emissions from oil and gas production; and reduces the consideration given to climate change and carbon emissions in policy and infrastructure permitting decisions.

NAM President and CEO Jay Timmons joined Trump at the Environmental Protection Agency where the president signed the order. Timmons said, “President Trump and manufacturers know that Americans have the capacity to create more manufacturing jobs, make American energy secure and unleash innovation for a better environment all at once. We are grateful the president kept another campaign promise.” E&E Publishing (3/28, Subscription Publication) also notes Timmons’ attendance at the signing.

The AP (3/28, Daly, Colvin) reports that while speaking at the Environmental Protection Agency, Trump declared that the action is “‘the start of a new era’ in energy production” and said the order allows workers “succeed on a level playing field for the first time in a long time.” Trump said, “That is what this is all about: bringing back our jobs, bringing back our dreams and making America wealthy again.”

The Washington Times (3/28, Wolfgang) reports that manufacturers “say job creation will be the direct result of Mr. Trump’s moves.” The Times quotes Timmons as saying, “President Trump just delivered a decisive win for every American who wants to see more manufacturing jobs in our country and true energy security.” CNN International (3/28) interviewed Timmons, who said that “regulations and the cost of regulations make it even more difficult for manufacturers to innovate, create new technologies, and respond to the market conditions that are demanding cleaner air and cleaner water.” Meanwhile, Environmental Leader (3/28) reports the National Association of Manufacturers “praised the move, tweeting ‘Today’s Executive Order delivers a decisive win on #regulations.'”

The Wall Street Journal (3/28, Radnofsky, Subscription Publication) quotes EPA Administrator Pruitt as saying during the ceremony that the President is “rejecting the narrative that this country cannot be pro-energy and pro-environment.” Pruitt added, “We’re not going to allow regulations here at the EPA to pick winners and losers.” The Washington Times (3/28, McLaughlin) reports Interior Secretary Zinke said on MSNBC that the Administration is using an “all of the above” energy policy and will not pick winners and losers.