Recycling Company Madera Fuels Locating Collection and Processing Operations to Vicksburg

October 28th, 2021

Recycling Company Madera Fuels Locating Collection and Processing Operations to Vicksburg

JACKSON (Courtesy: Mississippi Development Authority) – Recycling company Madera Fuels is locating material collection and processing operations in Vicksburg. The project is a $4.859 million corporate investment and will create 30 jobs.


Madera Fuels converts non-recyclable waste into reusable fuel. The company’s Vicksburg facility, which includes 300,000 square feet of warehousing space, will aggregate, sort/separate, blend and recycle various commercial waste products to produce a consistent thermal feedstock. Madera Fuels will shred and bale the blended feedstock materials to sale to third-party buyers. The company expects to receive approximately 50,000 tons annually of various non-hazardous, industrial waste products, or materials that would otherwise be sent to landfills. The processed and sorted feedstock materials will be converted primarily to base fuel stock and other recyclable materials.


The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for infrastructure improvements. MDA also has certified Madera Fuels for the Advantage Jobs Rebate Program, which is available for eligible businesses that create new jobs exceeding the average annual wage of the state or county in which the company locates or expands. Entergy also is assisting with the project.


Madera Fuels plans to fill the 30 new jobs over the next three years.




“While Mississippi remains steadfast in its efforts to recruit traditional economic development projects, our economic development team also is laser focused on generating jobs in the industries of tomorrow, like renewable energy, which has tremendous potential to be an economic powerhouse in the state. Madera Fuels’ new facility that converts non-recyclable materials into reusable fuel will help Mississippi bring good jobs in these up-and-coming fields to the people of our great state.” – Gov. Tate Reeves


“Mississippi has welcomed a number of economic development wins to the state so far this year, and the announcement that Madera Fuels is creating 30 new jobs by opening recycling operations in Vicksbug continues that upward trend. The MDA team and our partners at the Warren County Port Commission and Entergy have been hard at work securing this successful project for our state, and their dedication to to building a stronger economy through community and economic development once again pays off for the people of Mississippi.” – MDA Interim Executive Director Laura Hipp


“I have developed projects in many states, as well as overseas. Our experience in Mississippi as Madera Fuels developed our investment has been exemplary. Mississippi has an efficient, dedicated team of economic professionals who have consistently assisted Madera Fuels in a variety of important matters. The Mississippi Development Authority and the Vicksburg – Warren County Economic Development Partnership, together with state and city leadership, have successfully implemented a business-friendly environment in Mississippi. Madera’s positive experience in the state demonstrates the commitment of these officials which will attract additional private investment to Mississippi.” – Madera Fuels President and CEO Paul Morgan


“ Madera Fuels has made an outstanding investment in its partnership with our community. It will be a pleasure to work with this excellent company to build on these investments for the future.” – Dr. Jeffrey P. Holland, President, Warren County Board of Supervisors.


We are excited to welcome and support Madera Fuels as they open their operations in our city. Their company vision and business model will create a number of positive impacts for our community and state including high paying jobs, local and state taxes, reduction of pollution, and the reuse of previously abandoned real estate. It is a total win-win situation.” – Vicksburg Mayor George Flaggs, Jr.


“We are excited about working with Madera Fuels as their business grows in Vicksburg. Entergy, along with our local economic development partners, strive to provide a pro-business environment in which our customer can succeed and grow for the benefit of the entire region.”– Ed Gardner, Director of Business and Economic Development, Entergy Mississippi.