FMC Technologies

FMC Technologies

Helping to Train and Improve the Workforce


FMC Technologies is a manufacturer of Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment that includes a well service pump, arm manifold, service flow meter and electronic pressure relief valve. FMC Technologies has branch plant locations in Saltillo and Tupelo, Mississippi, with approximately 300 employees total at both plants.

The Challenge

FMC Technologies identified a need for standardization in the skills and abilities of their welding staff as a key variable towards quality consistency in their product. Their current staff had varying degrees of precision measurement, blueprint reading, and in particular welding symbol interpretation proficiency. FMC Technologies contacted NIST MEP's InnovateMEP Mississippi Center(f/k/a Mississippi Technology Alliance) at Itawamba Community College’s (ICC) Workforce Development to assist with this need.

MEP Center's Role

InnovateMEP Mississippi customized a 32 hour company standard welder’s basic skills training certification. This certification became a requirement for incumbents and new hires. Currently InnovateMEP Mississippi Center at ICC staff are assisting with the forklift recertification of approximately 300 employees.


• Trained 12 worker welders
• Five participants completed with a cumulative average of 92% or better

“FMC Technologies and InnovateMEP Mississippi Center at Itawamba Community College’s (ICC) Workforce Development and Training have partnered for over 10 years to provide the company a broad range of workforce development and continuous improvement needs. From funding assistance for training on an organizational software conversion to the development and implementation of a customized Welder’s Basic Skills Certification course, the partnership has realized mutually beneficial returns.”
Workforce Development Specialist, Lee Oswalt