General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products

Lean Manufacturing Implementation Benefits General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products


General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products (GDATP), an operating unit of the General Dynamics Corporation, is a systems integrator of defense products for all branches of the U.S. Department of Defense and the Ministries of Defense of more than 30 allied nations. GDATP designs, develops and produces high-performance armament systems, a full range of high-performance composite products for the aerospace industry, biological and chemical detection systems, advanced sensor and vision-enhancements systems and mobile shelter systems. GDATP's facility in McHenry, Mississippi, manufactures Reactive Armor tiles for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV), a troop transport designed to provide fire cover to dismounted troops and suppress enemy tanks and fighting vehicles. Reactive Armor provides a substantial increase in protection for troops and equipment against all shoulder-fired weapons and most tube-launched, shape-charge systems. The McHenry plant employs 24 people.

The Challenge

GDATP's Principal Manufacturing Engineer, John Summers, contacted the Mississippi Manufacturing Extension Partnership (, a NIST MEP network affiliate, for assistance to provide Lean manufacturing training and Kaizen implementation as transformational follow-up work he had already started at the GDATP plant in McHenry, Mississippi to improve processes and eliminate inefficiencies.

MEP Center's Role delivered four Principles of Lean Manufacturing workshops for GDATP employees. Three of the four one-day sessions were delivered to GDATP employees with a good working knowledge of the fundamentals of Lean manufacturing. As a result of this training, assembly defects were reduced by 72 percent.


• Reduced assembly defects by 72 percent.
• Invested $2,250 in workforce training.

“We do it right, then make it better!”
Melvin Girard, Human Resources Manager & Facilities Security Officer