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With one call to MMA-MEP, you will mobilize a force of technical and business professionals whose sole mission is to help your business reach its potential. MMA-MEP partners stand at the ready to respond to your technology and business needs. They are handpicked from the manufacturing industry for their experience and technical expertise. Each is trained in the latest diagnostic techniques and methodologies to quickly identify improvement opportunities and recommend solutions with lasting bottom-line effects.

An MMA-MEP assessor will perform a confidential analysis of your current operations and identify opportunities for process or technical improvement. Through a network of partners, we will then help you access the services of private or public organizations that can offer customized solutions to fit your specific needs. MMA-MEP will then assist with the implementation of improvements and continue to follow-up with these organizations to ensure delivery of services on time, on budget and with the expected results.

The success of MMA-MEP depends on the success of your business. We are committed to your growth and prosperity and we look forward to an opportunity to help you succeed with MMA-MEP.




Client Assessment Services

Projects that involve a structured diagnosis and analysis of a client firm’s performance. Projects in this category would also include other assessments done to evaluate a particular function or activity of a firm where feedback and diagnosis are reviewed with the firm with the intent of providing a proposed set of actions and activities or future projects to improve performance. These types of projects include but are not limited to diagnostic tools such as Performance Benchmarking Service, Competitiveness Review, Quick View, and energy assessments done in partnership with other federal, state or local programs.


Projects that provide client firms with information and instruction on how to use and implement general or industry-specific business tools and methods to build fundamental skills of current employees as well as improve the quality and quantity of potential workers to a company or industry with general or job-specific skills. Public events and seminars intended to introduce the basic ideas and benefits of the concepts of lean, technology deployment, quality systems, and product development are included here; along with assistance in developing training manuals, TWI (Training Within Industry), health and safety training, and HAZWOPER training.

Quality Product Suite

Projects that assist client firms with the implementation of management systems that help them achieve a defined industry-specific or general quality certification or standard. Projects in this category include but are not limited to ISO, QS, AS, and Six Sigma; other recognized industry standards; and prizes such as Shingo or Baldrige.

Lean Product Suite

Projects in this category are those that move beyond a general orientation or introduction to lean principles, and focus on the actual implementation of tools and practices. These tools and practices help companies produce more with existing resources by eliminating and reducing incidental work or non value-added activities. Projects in this category include but are not limited to value stream mapping, Cycle-time Reductions, Inventory Reductions, Throughput Time Reductions, Order-to-Ship Lead Time Reductions, Operating Cost Reductions, Lean Office, Cycle-time Reductions, Fixed Overhead Cost Reductions, Variable Overhead Cost Reductions, improving capacity/Throughput, Physical Flow Improvements, set up production, total production maintenance, simulations, kaizen blitzes, kan-ban, cellular design, 5S, and lean office applications. Lean product development projects are NOT included here—they are included under the Technology Services/Product Development Suite.

Growth Services Product Suite

Projects that provide client firms with the tools and methods to systematically identify and target opportunities to develop new products, new markets, new services, or new customers. Examples include ExporTech, supplier scouting, market diversification, E!WW, and seven thinking hats. The actual development of new products or prototypes, and the identification of new technologies are NOT included here—they are categorized under the Technology Services Suite.

Sustainability Services Suite

Projects that provide clients with the tools and techniques to increase the environmental-friendliness of their operations. Activities within this category include but are not limited to assistance in developing environmental management systems; improving energy efficiency; identifying alternative sources of energy; reducing waste; material selection; recycling; ISO 14000; as well as environmental (Green Supplier Network) projects; and the Waste to Profit Network.

Strategic/Business Management/Planning Services Suite

Projects that provide clients with assistance in developing strategic planning; succession planning; as well as HR manuals; job classification; organizational management; assistance on focusing on the general direction, and future of the business; leadership development; corporate culture; enterprise transformation; Continuation of Operations Plans (COOP); disaster recovery planning; and sustaining improvement and business change efforts

Financial Analysis/Assistance Services Suite

Projects that provide clients with services to help them better understand and identify their costs and financial situation. Activities in this category include but are not limited to activity-based costing, helping clients manage and control costs, and projects that assist clients in identifying and accessing new financial resources, and writing grants.

Technology Services/Product Development Suite

Projects that involve working with clients to identify, develop, and diffuse technology and new products within their company. Projects in this category include identifying technologies for client companies (tech scouting), working with federal or university resources to identify technologies needed by specific client companies, working with SBIR awardees to develop new products and technologies, developing and prototyping new products, lean product development, dealing with intellectual property (IP) issues, patents, and licensing.

Sales/Marketing/Business Development Services Suite

Projects that assist clients in improving their EXISTING sales, marketing, and business development opportunities. Activities include market research, industrial marketing services, competitor analysis, and developing marketing materials. Website design and e-commerce activities are NOT included here—they are included under IT Services. Activities that support NEW products and NEW markets go under Technology Services/Product Development Suite.

Engineering Services/Plant Layout

Projects that involve specific manufacturing process engineering or plant layout issues. Activities in this category help clients with equipment design, plant design and layout, tooling, implementation of OSHA-related requirements and procedures, and other engineering-related issues.

Information Technology (IT) Services

Projects that involve working with clients to develop, implement, and deploy IT systems, or update and modernize existing IT systems. Projects within this category include development and installation of new information technology hardware or software products, accounting systems, CAD/CAM, customized IT solutions, MRP (Material Requirements Planning), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and the creation and maintenance of web sites and e-commerce portals for clients.