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Free MMA Seminar Programs

Insurance Services pays the registration fee for you and/or your employees to attend MMA seminars throughout the year on topics such as “Forklift Training,” “Written OSHA Programs,” “How to Conduct a Safety Inspection” and myriad other topics focused on helping you maintain a safe workplace.


Drug Free Workplace Notices

We furnish you with 13 1/2” x 10” adhesive-backed notices that your business is a Drug Free workplace.

Available in English and Spanish.


Safety Posters

To help you keep safety “top of mind” we have a series of five very creative safety posters for use in your facility to promote a safe work environment.


Time Clock Notices

At your request, we furnish you with adhesive stickers (8 1/2” x 5 1/2”) to post at your time clock that state: “By CLOCKING OUT I CERTIFY THAT I HAVE NOT BEEN INJURED ON THE JOB TODAY. IF I HAVE BEEN INJURED I HAVE NOTIFIED MY SUPERVISOR IN WRITING.”


Workers’ Compensation Fraud is a Crime Notices

Would you like to help educate employees that workers’ comp fraud is a crime? If so, you might be interested in these free notices. They measure 11” x 8 ½” and specify that workers’ comp fraud is a felony with punishment not to exceed a $5,000 fine, or double the value of the fraud (whichever is greater) or by imprisonment not to exceed three years, or both fine and imprisonment.



Berkley S.I.G. offers nine different payment plans in order to accommodate your needs.

Pay Plan Name Terms Premium Level Available
Two Pay 60% Month 1, 40% Month 4 3 $1,000
Three Pay 3.33% Months 1, 3, 5 $1,500
Four Pay 25% Months 1, 4, 7, 10 $2,500
Nine Pay 25% Month 1, 9.4% Months 2-7, 9.3% Months 8, 9 $5,000
Eleven Pay 10 10% Month 1, 9% Months 2-11 $7,500
Eleven Pay 20 20% Month 1, 8% Months 2-11 $7,500
Twelve Pay 12 12% Month 1, 8% Months 2-12 $50,000
Twelve Equal 8.33% Months 1-11, 8.33% Month 12 $50,000

Installment fee of $5 per installment kicks in after month 1.


MMA regularly publishes The Reporter, an electronic newsletter keeping you in the know and up to date on the latest manufacturing-related news. You also receive E-News, MMA’s award winning electronic environmental newsletter, just for the asking.

We also have numerous opportunities throughout the year for you to network with other business and government leaders.

  • MMA hosts an annual reception for the Legislature & statewide officials, usually at the beginning of each legislative session.
  • MMA also holds an annual convention, affording you an opportunity to interact with your peers and exchange information and ideas.
  • MMA holds the “Second Largest Political Event in Neshoba County” with its annual MMA PAC golf tournament at Dancing Rabbit Golf Club each fall.
  • Each October, MMA conducts an Environmental & Safety Conference, usually held in conjunction with the PAC golf tournament.


To see if the Association can benefit your company with competitive pricing and the highest level of services, ask your agent for a quote from MMA or contact:

Renee Johnson
Director of MMA Insurance Services
(601) 573-3636