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Sunday, November 14, 2010

First American Plastic Molding Enterprises




First American Plastic Molding Enterprises is a manufacturer of custom plastic injection molded products, specializing in food related components, automotive, medical and dental, industrial tools and recreational vehicles. The firm has two manufacturing sites, one located in Beloit, Illinois, and one in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The Ocean Springs facility employs 73 people.

The Challenge

In their quest to embrace and apply Lean concepts, the quality manager at the Ocean Springs facility contacted the Mississippi Technology Alliance, a NIST MEP network affiliate, at The University of Southern Mississippi's Lean Enterprise Center for training and assistance. In addition to the Lean effort, First American was directed by their corporate office to engage in energy efficiency measures.

MEP Center's Role facilitated two Lean 101 workshops for several company employees. Afterwards, the management team decided to begin shop floor improvements with workplace organization training and implementation. facilitated a 5S (Sort, Set in Order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain) training and Kaizen event at the facility. After an overview of the Practical Energy program, the First American plant manager was ready to roll this program out through the Ocean Springs facility. facilitated modules of the Practical Energy program along with shop floor walk-throughs. As a result of their Lean training and improvements, First American has enhanced product flow, increased value-added work content and minimized unnecessary time and motion on the shop floor. The practical energy project resulted in nearly $70,000 in energy related savings.


• Increased sales by $25,000.
• Realized $15,000 in cost savings.
• Avoided $15,000 in unnecessary costs.
• Realized $70,000 in energy related savings.

“The Lean training that did for us was great. It was very professionally done and more importantly it was extremely effective with our employees. It has made our operation far more effective.”

Bob DePerrom, Vice President