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Thursday, May 9, 2024

MMA-MEP Success Story: Meucci Cues

Success Story Title:

 Meucci Cues - Site Master Planning

Company Name:

Meucci Cues

Company Profile:

Meucci Cues, located in Byhalia, MS, is dedicated to crafting the best pool cues for billiards enthusiasts around the world. With a rich heritage that spans several decades, our company has become synonymous with excellence, precision, and innovation in the world of pool cue manufacturing.


Meucci Cues contacted MMA-MEP’s affiliate center, Mississippi State University CAVS Extension (CAVS-E) with a request to evaluate their current manufacturing space and material flow and provide recommendations on layout designs. The new owners sought to increase production by increasing capacity at their bottleneck operations. MSU-CAVSE proposed to accomplish this by observing all production processes, identifying opportunities to eliminate waste in their operations, and assisting Meucci Cues with implementation of solutions to improve productivity.  Meucci Cues also communicated additional concerns about lengthy customer lead-times that they desired to address in this project. 

Solution/MEP’s Role:

MSU CAVS-E collaborated with Meucci on a site master planning project.  A 3-D scan was completed and used to create a Site Master Plan of the production floor that included the equipment and the flow of material through the plant.  By mapping the path of different products through the plant, it was easy for the management team to see the apparent opportunities to make improvements.  A future plant layout was created in coordination with the owners and the plant manager.  A work in progress (WIP) “supermarket” was established for common assemblies to reduce customer lead-time.


As a result of this project, Meucci Cues has improved safety by outsourcing unnecessary steps which reduced labor hours by 10 hours per week and has seen a 50% reduction in customer lead-time resulting in $530,000 in impacts and 1 job created. From a qualitative standpoint, feedback from the customer indicated that this experience helped their employees see and think differently about how their operation works and the benefits from challenging the status quo.

Client Testimonial:

We really appreciated the collaboration and work with MSU CAVS-E and will look for opportunities to partner again. The insights, professionalism and quick turn-around really made the entire experience seamless. In any business, there are numerous areas that need to be addressed that do not get dedicated attention. The work done by MSU CAVS-E carved out the time needed to identify and address key opportunities for our business.

Name of Person Providing Testimonial:

Jeremy Banner

Title of Person Providing Testimonial: