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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Excel Injection Molding




Excel Injection Molding is a custom injection molding company located in Hattiesburg, MS. The company has expanded from an initial operation of 12 employees to over 50 employees in a 45,000 square foot facility since it was founded in 1995. It now operates over 20 injection molding machines ranging from 28 tons to 725 tons, a complete tool room for mold development, and a state-of-the-art quality control laboratory with specialized analytical instrumentation.

The Challenge

Excel Injection Molding was looking for new customers, and a local manufacturer was looking for a supplier to make custom injection mold parts. The link was the Manufacturing Extension Partnership of Mississippi ( at the Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI), part of the Mississippi Technology Alliance and a NIST MEP affiliate.

MEP Center's Role

The Center at the Mississippi Polymer Institute (MPI) works with manufacturing industries and economic development agencies across Mississippi. It was established with the goal of growing high-tech polymer and polymer-related businesses across the state, and often receives calls from individuals, companies, and economic developers looking for suppliers and manufacturers to produce custom products. Excel Injection Molding had worked with the Center at MPI in the past. When a local manufacturer contacted the Center seeking to secure a supplier to make custom injection mold parts, the Center used market analysis to provide the client with a list of potential suppliers. The client chose Excel Injection Molding from the list, and contacted the company to see if it could meet its needs. Excel Injection Molding responded quickly to the client’s request for work, and the company expanded to meet the increase in demand. The local manufacturer established Excel Injection Molding as a supplier and business grew significantly.


• Hired 18 additional employees
• Increased sales by $2.5M
• Capital investments of $220,000

“Excel has worked with the Center at MPI on programs covering nearly every facet of injection molding - always with outstanding results. I have recommended them to other manufacturers within the state of Mississippi and will continue to do so in the future.”

Kenneth Fair, Director of Engineering