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Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Menasha Packaging Increasing Footprint in Pelahatchie

JACKSON (COURTESY: Mississippi Development Authority) – Menasha Packaging, a retail-focused packaging design, manufacturing, and merchandising solutions provider, is expanding operations in Pelahatchie. The project is a $79 million corporate investment and will create 21 jobs.

Menasha’s products include high-graphic displays, boxes and other shipping containers used primarily by consumer product companies. Menasha’s investment includes the expansion of its present manufacturing facility in Pelahatchie Industrial Park and the purchase of additional machinery and equipment.

The Mississippi Development Authority is providing assistance for building construction. Rankin County and the city of Pelahatchie also are assisting with the project.

Menasha Packaging currently employs 95 people at the Rankin County facility.


“It’s already been a banner year for economic development in our state, and Menasha Packaging’s expansion is another big win for Mississippi’s economy. The company’s decision to invest more capital and create more jobs in Mississippi is a testament to our state’s business-friendly environment and the hard-working people who live here. I’m excited to see the positive impacts this expansion will have on the lives of our residents. Thank you to the entire Menasha team for your continued commitment to Rankin County and our entire state.”– Gov. Tate Reeves

“MDA congratulates Menasha Packaging on this expansion. The company’s leadership found the ingredients for success in Rankin County, and as a result, Menasha is growing and creating 21 new jobs for the area’s skilled workforce.” –MDA Deputy Executive Director Laura Hipp

“We are excited about our expansion into Pelahatchie and the cultural fit that exists with the team here. We are committed to investing not only in the facility, but also in this great team and in the community. We appreciate the assistance provided by the state, county and city in helping us solidify our long-term commitment to Pelahatchie.” – Mike Riegsecker, President, Menasha Packaging Company

“As mayor for the Town of Pelahatchie, I am thrilled to announce the expansion of the facilities now owned by Menasha Packaging Company, LLC, at the Pelahatchie Industrial Park. When we first learned that Menasha Packaging Company had purchased Georgia Pacific’s Color Box operations, we were concerned that the new owner might relocate operations out of state. Thanks to the quick action and hard work of our friends at Mississippi Development Authority, Rankin First and Rankin County, and thanks to the good people at Menasha Packaging Company, we are celebrating not only the retention of a valuable employer right here in Pelahatchie but also an incredible $79 million expansion of operations. The leadership of the town of Pelahatchie has made it clear that we are open for business, and we want to do everything we can to make sure our valuable businesses and industries have a safe, inviting, helpful and business-friendly community to grow and prosper. To our friends at Menasha Packaging Company, we welcome you to our town and our county, and we thank you for your commitment to our citizens and community.” – Mayor Karl VanHorn, City of Pelahatchie