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Wednesday, July 10, 2024

MMA-MEP Success Story: Chemours

Success Story Title:

Upskilling Chemours Employees Result in Profitability and Increased Productivity

Company Name:


Company Profile:

Chemours manufacturing facility, in DeLisle, Mississippi, manufactures and distributes performance chemicals. The company produces titanium dioxide, refrigerants, industrial fluoropolymer resins, and industrial and specialty chemicals for oil refining, agriculture, and other industries.


Maintaining and upgrading operations in chemical plants keeps current equipment optimal and keeps companies competitive. At Chemours, the industry standards required for technicians to maintain and upgrade operations means they need certified welders.  The company was looking for a solutions-driven approach to prevent having to outsource the work which was adding significant time and cost to their production.  Mr. Jason Strayham, Supervisor of Maintenance and I & E at Chemours, contacted Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College's (MGCCC) Workforce Division with the challenge of getting their personnel trained and certified without excessive disruption of production.

Solution/MEP’s Role:

In partnership, MGCCC’s Workforce Division worked with Chemours Team Managers to determine their specific needs as they related to welding procedures and processes. MGCCC then delivered and set-up a mobile welding unit on-site that enabled an MGCCC workforce instructor to train and qualify Chemours employees to the requested company specifications.


MGCCC spent 200 hours on-site training seven (7) employees in applicable divisions of Chemours. Of the seven (7) employees, ALL are now certified welders per AWS D1.1 Structural Welding – Steel. As a result of this project, Chemours is now able to do regular repair and maintenance operations in-house. 

Client Testimonial:

"MGCCC provided us with world-class, top-notch welding training that has allowed us to continue with top-level repair work that we require from our Maintenance Technicians" – Jason Strayham

Name of Person Providing Testimonial:

Jason Strayham

Title of Person Providing Testimonial:

 Supervisor of Maintenance and I & E at Chemours