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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Taylor XRS9972 Featured in Port of Miami Feature Video by Volvo Penta

MIAMI, Fl. (Taylor Machine Works) - The Port of Miami moves over 300,000 shipping containers each year, and they're able to do that work thanks to the Taylor XRS9972, which is made by Taylor Machine Works in Louisville, Mississippi. The capabilities of this machine were recently documented in a feature video by Volvo Penta. To watch the video, click here

In the tightly run world of port operations, minor faults can interrupt global supply chains, delaying shipping containers with perishable produce. Having operated as the largest cargo line in Florida for over three decades, running 25 vessels and a fleet of heavy material handling equipment that processes over 1000 shipping containers every day, Seaboard Marine understands the value of investing in reliable equipment. This includes a streamlined service approach supported by their OEM, trained by Volvo Penta, offering comprehensive support as a single point of contact.

Volvo Penta-powered Taylor reachstackers play an integral role at PortMiami.

"Our worldwide dealer network constantly evolves to meet our customers' needs, making sure they're never far from efficient, high-quality service and support," explains Björn Säljö, VP, service market industrial at Volvo Penta. "This also spans Volvo Penta certified instructors training our OEM dealers so that they can support the engine, and therefore the fuller machine. This means that the end customer – in this case the terminal – only has contact with one mechanic, our trained expert."

Some of the busiest machines in its fleet are reach stackers manufactured by Louisville, Mississippi-based Taylor Machine Works. With its sturdy telescopic boom providing the ability to quickly stack loaded 2.9m-tall, 44-tonne containers four-high in the first row, or five-high with 41-tonne boxes, the Volvo Penta D13-powered XRS9972 model is a firm favorite of the port's operators and service technicians alike.

Terminal Operations Director Albert Smalls, known as Rookie, still feels the same excitement about operating machines as he did when he first accompanied his father to the port. "The technology on the Taylor reach stacker is outstanding – it's efficient and timesaving," he grins. "And the D13 is efficient too – it runs smooth, quiet, and it's very strong. We move over 300,000 boxes per year, so those are just the type of engines we need to sustain that."

Taylor leverages the new XRS reach stacker's increased productivity as a key advantage, as a scene in Volvo Penta's latest Mighty Jobs film, where Albert completes a challenging lifting sequence in under five minutes, demonstrates. With the 388 hp Tier 4-Final 12.8-liter combustion engine supporting lifting speeds almost 30% higher than previous generations – and doing so while extracting maximum power and torque at very low rpm for enhanced fuel efficiency – this new model will clearly have a positive impact on a customer's bottom line as well as their sustainability objectives.

Durable industrial engines

Taylor Sudden Service – the specialized service arm of Taylor and provider of genuine Taylor OEM parts, is a sister company to the manufacturer Taylor Machine Works, Inc., which started out as a small, family-owned automotive and repair business. Today, the third generation of the Taylor family leads  The Taylor Group of Companies.

Taylor field service technician Eric Tacker values the reliability of the Volvo Penta industrial solutions. "I like these engines because they withstand the harsh environment of the salt water and the high temperatures at this terminal."

"Seaboard Marine depends on us for timely repairs to minimize downtime. With many Volvo Penta applications at the terminal, our training ensures continuous support." He continues. "I enjoy servicing the whole machine and getting it running quickly. Thanks to user-friendly diagnostic tools and Volvo Penta training, we can diagnose and fix many issues."

Volvo Penta's tailored solutions and comprehensive service support smooth and efficient port operations, even under demanding conditions. By partnering with OEMs like Taylor and offering extensive training, Volvo Penta provides reliable, high-performance engines designed to meet operator and industry needs. This commitment supports customers like Seaboard Marine in maintaining their operations and remaining competitive.

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