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National Welding Month 2021: Rockett Inc. Discusses the Importance of Skilled Workers

National Welding Month is in April and is led by the American Welding Society.

The AWS says on its website that National Welding Month “is a time to make an impact on the industry through recognition, education, and service. This month, the focus should be on acknowledging the achievements of our industry tradespeople, teaching others about the importance of welding in our society, and taking steps to introduce welding into our schools and communities. These efforts are crucial, because as ubiquitous as our industry is, it still manages to fly under the radar of the general populace. The average person simply isn’t aware of just how much their life is affected by welding. Every day, in shipyards, factories, assembly plants, and construction sites all over the country, skilled workers build the structures and products that improve our lives and drive our economy. Most people tend to underestimate the skill and technical acuity that the welding profession demands, and generally fail to consider the career options that it can offer. This disconnect is perhaps part of the reason why there is a massive shortage of skilled welding professionals in this country. According to several industry estimates, the welder deficit is set to eclipse 200,000 by 2020, and hit nearly 375,000 by 2026.

Rockett Inc., which is a contract metal fabrication and manufacturing business in Flowood, relies heavily on skilled welders. In this video for National Welding Month, welders and management at the company discuss the importance of skilled workers and how the demand for them can be met in the future.