The Mississippi Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to serving Mississippi’s Industry since 1951. Today, MMA serves more than 2,400 manufacturers as a central source of information and assistance in industrial management.

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association has been dedicated to serving Mississippi’s Industry since 1951. Today, MMA serves more than 2,400 manufacturers as a central source of information and assistance in industrial management. For more than 65 years, MMA has been the clear and united voice of industry in Mississippi. Manufacturing is the engine that powers Mississippi’s economy, and MMA is an unrelenting advocate in support of measures benefiting manufacturers.

The Mississippi Manufacturers Association invites your company to join forces with us as we work daily to create a better business climate for manufacturers in the Magnolia State. MMA members benefit from informative newsletters, successful lobbying efforts, annual training seminars, networking opportunities with other manufacturers and a full-time staff of experts at your disposal, ready to respond to your questions or needs at (601) 292-1127.

Manufacturers joining forces as one united voice is crucial to the success of MMA as we examine daily the issues and topics that affect the way you do business as a manufacturer in Mississippi. Please familiarize yourself with MMA by reading some of the frequently asked questions or by viewing our page on the benefits of joining MMA. We thank you for visiting our site and look forward to working with you.

MMA can benefit your company in a variety of ways. Whether you’re looking for training, insurance coverage or basic information, MMA can help. MMA strives to be the first and only place you think of when you have questions or need answers to all of your manufacturing concerns or needs. MMA provides you with unlimited consultation services, as we look at ourselves as a part of your staff.


A Voice in the State Legislature & U.S. Congress

There are many benefits of joining MMA. As Mississippi’s premier pro-industry association, MMA works hard to protect and promote the interests of all Mississippi manufacturers. For example, through our lobbying efforts, MMA is looking out for your company’s interest during the legislative process, both in Jackson and Washington, on issues and topics such as:

  • Civil Justice Reform
  • Employment Laws
  • Energy
  • Environmental Issues
  • Health Insurance Cost
  • Taxes
  • Transportation
  • Unregulated Foreign Competition
  • Workers’ Compensation Law
  • Workforce Development

Publications & Information

In addition to our lobbying efforts, members benefit from information they receive from our newsletters, which are listed below.

  • Reporter
    A monthly overview of topics of interest, information and news relating to manufacturing.
  • Legislative Bulletin
    Legislative information published periodically during the legislative session.
  • Legal Briefs
    Mississippi labor attorneys bring you a better understanding of legal issues.
  • E-News
    A monthly newsletter highlighting the environmental and energy topics and issues in Mississippi.
  • Special Union Report
    An annual review of union election results and activity.

Unlimited Resources & Consultation

Members of MMA also can benefit from having the MMA staff of experts just one simple phone call away. The MMA staff acts as an extension of your staff and can assist you with questions on topics like human resources, OSHA and safety, employee relations, environmental regulations, union activity, EEOC, taxes or anything that may be of concern to your company.

  • “The services that MMA offers to its members through its lobbying efforts are immeasurable. While our membership dues come directly from each member, the consolidation of those dues fund, among other things, a very effective and efficient lobbying effort on the members’ behalf that could never be accomplished individually.”
    Lex Taylor, President, Taylor Machine Works, Inc.
  • "Wall Street is the only place that people ride to in a Rolls Royce to get advice from those who take the subway."
    Warren Buffett

Frequently Asked Questions

How does my company join MMA?

Simply click here to fill out an application, or call MMA at 601-292-1127 to speak with Shannon Hillman in the Membership Department.

What’s the cost to join MMA?

Annual MMA membership dues are based on a graduated scale that is determined by the company’s total number of employees in Mississippi. For more details about the dues for your company, please contact Shannon Hillman at 601-292-1127.

If I’m not a manufacturer, can I join MMA?

Yes, any company who would like to be a member of MMA is welcome to join. When you join, you are classified as either a manufacturing or non-manufacturing member. Manufacturing members must be representatives of a company that manufactures, is a fabricator, processor, or a distributor of a manufactured product. Manufacturing members have voting rights. Non-manufacturing members are those who work with and support manufacturers. Non-manufacturing members still receive all the benefits that MMA has to offer, but do not have voting rights.

Can I get a list of all MMA members?

No. The MMA board of directors has voted not to publish a list of our membership to anyone. However, MMA has the exclusive rights in Mississippi to sell the Mississippi Manufacturers Register® . The Register® lists every manufacturer in Mississippi and is sold at a discount to MMA members.

How long has MMA been in existence?

MMA was established in 1951.

Does MMA offer any insurance programs for its members?

MMA Group Insurance Trust and MMA Insurance Services offer discounted insurance rates to MMA members.

MMA and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Mississippi have been partners for more than 15 years. MMA also partners with Berkley Southeast Insurance Group to offer MMA members long-term and short-term disability and life insurance benefits. In addition to these products, the MMA Group Insurance Trust offers many other employee benefits, such as dental and cancer coverage, and intensive care products.

The MMA Insurance Services was created in 2010 as a managing general agency and is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MMA Work Comp Group. MMA Insurance Services is also able through Berkley Southeast Insurance Group to offer other lines of property & casualty insurance coverage, such as property, general liability and auto insurance, as well as write multi-state operations.

After I join MMA, how often can I call MMA for answers to questions I may have?

You may contact the MMA staff as often as you like. There is absolutely no limit or fee on consultation services or information available to our members.

Does MMA have regular meetings?

No. MMA has standing committees with subcommittees. We also have seminars, conferences, a legislative reception, and convention. You will notice that the MMA staff speaks at various local manufacturing or other business-related groups around the state. The MMA board of directors meets three times a year.

Does MMA have a convention?

Yes. MMA holds its annual convention each spring.

How many members does MMA represent?

MMA currently has more than 2,200 members.

I’m a supplier. Are there opportunities to exhibit at seminars or sponsor MMA events?

Yes. MMA has opportunities for exhibitors at our two-day Environmental & Safety Conference and Expo, as well as our annual convention. There are also opportunities to sponsor each of these events. In addition, MMA has an annual golf tournament benefiting our Political Action Committee that offers many opportunities for sponsorships.