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Product Line Lead - Raytheon Technologies Intelligence and Space Consolidated Manufacturing Center


Product Line Lead - Raytheon Technologies Intelligence and Space Consolidated Manufacturing Center

Neal Minich is the Product Line Lead for Raytheon Technologies Intelligence and Space Consolidated Manufacturing Center located in Forest, Mississippi. In this role, Minich is responsible for execution and production requirements for all Raytheon Missiles and Defense (RM&D) and Resilient Navigation Reconnaissance Systems (RNRS) programs at Forest, MS.  He was appointed to this position in June, 2019. 

The RNRS Product Line includes the Global Hawk Sensor Suite, Multi-Platform Radar Technology Insertion Program (MP-RTIP), as well as the E2D Advanced Hawkeye’s TARA PTS and Digital Receivers. 

Minich’s RNRS product line also includes the Air Force’s development of the Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System.  The RMD product line includes ground-based radar programs such as AN/MPQ-64 Sentinel Radar, TPQ-46 ATG Radar, and the TPQ-37 Radar.  As a leader, Minich deploys the Raytheon Six Sigma vision of continuous improvement.  He is focused on lowering operating cost and improving processes on programs throughout the factory.

Prior to his current role Minich was the Forest Site Operations Manager functionally responsible for leading the following areas/teams: Common Processes, and all Integrated Product Team Leads (IPTLs) which includes assembly and test technician personnel with responsibilities that included management and staffing of Touch labor, Sentinel Programs management, Industrial Engineering activities and the site facilities organization, all consisting of 250 employees.  

Prior to joining Raytheon Technologies in Forest, MS, Minich held positions as NCS Transition to Production Lead, where he worked on the Transition to Production (TTP) checklist, Cost as Requirement, Cost Modeling, Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) and production concerns across many ICS products. In this role, he led a multi-site teams driving designs for ease of assembly and lower production cost.

Prior roles include leading ICS Engineering Hardware builds and Program Engineering Management where his Team was responsible for 17 legacy radio programs.  Minich also managed a 50 employee Engineering Assembly Shop responsible for all engineering hardware built in Raytheon’s Fort Wayne, Indiana facility.  In all these roles, Neal drove down costs and reduced cycle times regularly.

Minich is a Certified Raytheon Six Sigma Expert that has lead projects on LEAN, with a focus on cost reduction.  He has reduced annual training crossover costs by $500K by leaning the training process and revising the curriculum.  He also led a space utilization effort that provided a sales opportunity of $34M for growth at the Forest site.

Minich holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering technology with a minor in manufacturing from Purdue University.