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Membership and Educational Services Coordinator


Membership and Educational Services Coordinator

Barbara Hopkins serves as MMA’s membership and educational services coordinator. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sociology and has extensive experience working with the public. She was previously employed as a savings and loan counselor and has been involved in a wide range of civic activities.

Barbara, originally from Connecticut, moved to Mississippi in 1991 and came to work for MMA as a temporary employee. She then worked part-time for the Insurance Services department and in 1998 joined the membership department full-time.

As membership and educational services coordinator, Barbara interacts daily with our members. Her responsibilities include coordinating the annual legislative reception, environmental/safety conference and MMA’s seminar program. She is responsible for soliciting and coordinating the vendors at MMA’s annual convention and environmental/safety conference. Barbara’s responsibilities also include invoicing and recording for membership dues and seminars, and helping maintain the MMA database.

Barbara also works closely with Shannon Hillman, MMA’s membership and educational services director, in recording state plant closings, and TJ Werre, Director of Communication, in keeping up with new and expanded industries in Mississippi.