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What is a Competitiveness Review?

Our no cost Competitiveness Review is the core of MMA-MEP’s business improvement services and the first step in our strategic, hands-on approach to help improve your company’s performance. The Competitiveness Review is a comprehensive, on site, evaluation of your company’s operations that both appraises capabilities and gauges the effectiveness of business systems.

Why Schedule a Competitiveness Review for your company?

There is no cost to a one-day assessment as a manufacturer because of our partners:

  • Three Rivers Planning & Development District
  • Central Mississippi Planning & Development District
  • Southern Mississippi Planning & Development District
  • South Delta Planning & Development District.
    • It reveals (or confirms) your limiting factors and provides a snapshot comparison to other companies.
    • The one-day assessment delivers a road map to improve competitiveness, performance, and your bottom line.

MMA-MEP Analyzes the Following Areas of Your Business:

  • Organization
  • Systems
  • Workforce
  • Sustainability

Manufacturers eligibility for a Competitiveness Review

  • Must have a Manufacturing NAIC codes 31-33, 423510, 488991, 541330, 541380, 541711-15, 561910, 811310
  • Small to Medium size manufacturer
  • Must have a DUNS Number
  • Must be a Mississippi Manufacturer

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